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Below are just some of the flooring examples we provide 


          Rola trac flooring

Rola-Trac is a snap together system of panels, which can be fitted on any surface and to any shape, creating a firm, non-slip surface for commercial, professional and domestic use.Edging ramps are also available and allow easy wheelchair access and eliminate trip hazards. Rola-Trac has many commercial uses, including tent and marquee flooring, temporary walkways, audience flooring and temporary flooring for outside displays and pitch coverings.

     Interlocking wooden flooring

        The most durable option, 8’ x 2’ plywood            boards on 1½” battens, which interlock to          form a perfectly flat, hard surface.

        Used in similar situations to the Rola trac,          but where conditions are, or are likely to            be, more extreme


marquee carpet

We supply various different colour carpets. The colour of the carpet can change the ‘feel’ of a marquee, and at a fraction of the cost of many ‘decor’ options. We offer carpet either as brand new ‘off the roll’ or, as a used option to availability, as a used option which will have done one or two events previously.   

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